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Infielder Love
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Members can claim any First basemen, second basemen, third basemen, and Short stop. No Catchers and Pitcher claims please. (since there are two claim communities especially for them, we thought it was only fair)

1. All memebers can have 3 claims. We, the Mods, have 5 claims, cause we can :) But there is hope for the rest of the members. Help promote the group will get you an extra claim!

2. Players are only allowed to be picked by 2 members only.

3. If you leave the group, make an entry on which players you had, so they will be made avaiable.

4. In baseball, trades are normal, the same goes for the group! Does someone have a player you want? You may trade a player that you have claimed, for another members claim. BOTH of you have to agree to it, so make a seperate entry and write Both your usernames and what player you are swapping. And the memeber that didn't write the entry, has to make a comment, so we can see you agree with the trade.

5. We want this to be fair for all, and it isnt fair if a member claims a player and then decides to to use LJ anymore. So we will do LJ checkups monthly, to see if your still active. If you have a friends only journal, make some silly entry thats public so we can see your still using it. It can use a word, a pic, a simple "Hey", doesnt matter. We are not going to be nosey or anything,just checking the date ;)

6. Be nice!

7. Talk about baseball! you can update us all on how your claims are doing on the field! This is a baseball community, and im sure most of you love talking baseball!

8. Post pictures! Just make sure they are behind a cut.

9. Make sure you check the CLAIMS LIST before posting your claim. To post your claim, Include your name and your favorite team and the 3 claims you want.

10. Have fun!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com